Buying Your A-D

Ordering a performance bike on-line is easy, but ordering the performance bike that is just right for you is hard. The A-D Bikes website offers Good, Better and Best build options to show you the basic possibilities, but like most people, you will probably want some Better with the Good, or some Good with the Best or something completely off the menu. That is why you can contact us directly (207 221 5151), send an email, or arrange a visit and explain how you would like to have your A-D built.

We will identify the best model for you, work out the sizing, provide an estimate for the build that meets your performance and budget requirements and ship the finished bike directly to you or your favorite local bike shop (or you can just pick it up). We call this the A-D Bikes Choice Program and until there is a technological substitute for the Human Touch, it is how we will build your bike.

Also, don’t forget to review our innovative A-D Bikes Conversion Program. This program allows you to sell your old cycling gear through Frame and Wheel and use the net proceeds as a credit towards your new A-D. Or you can just take the cash and go out for dinner. Regardless, it is a fine way to extract the remaining value in your old bike gear, create some space in the garage and lower your investment in your new A-D.