The Internet of Bikes: Maine Time Trial Series: Northeaster Time Trial Biddeford #1

The Northeaster Time Trial is the first race in the Maine Time Trial Series (METTS). The course is an 11 mile loop near the Biddeford Pool in Biddeford, Maine. Conditions were windy and cold with temperatures in the 40s. About 30 riders started the the race. This was the first race of the season on the tt Carbon. The bike felt thoroughly comfortable and familiar given that all the trainer work I do during the off season is on this bike. Nevertheless, it was still hard work putting up with the wind that was blowing. Although I have raced this course before, I drove it before hand: I am glad I did. The first right hand corner was much sharper than it looked and I most likely would have overcooked it had I not driven through earlier. I had a good rhythm on Oak Ridge Road; it was windy but I was able to stay low, push a big gear in sections and keep up momentum.  Guinea Road was tough and I probably lost a lot of time there. There was a rough patch on the final section of the course and unfortunately it claimed Karl Rau, a Maine Time Trial Series Emeritus Rider. It was upsetting to hear the news at the first race (Get well soon, Karl!). It is very hard to see obstacles sometimes when riding at maximum effort. Things you see when driving the course do not appear when you come through on your bike. I completed the course in 24:14 which was fast enough to win the day. Downeast Racing sponsor Zev Myerowitz of Myerowitz Chiropractic Center finished in second place (24:46) and then proceeded to compete in the Northeast Triathlon (in which he finished third overall). I cancelled on the post time trial ride as it was raining quite hard and the effort would have not done much except make me cold. Nevertheless, I find that a solid ride after a time trial is very productive and will not be making excuses next time. Many thanks to Derek and Alison Morin for putting on the event and I hope to see you at the METTS Rockport event on 4 May.

It might as well have been snowing

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