The Internet of Bikes: LL Bean Time Trial (Maine Time Trial Series Race #3)

The LL Bean Time Trial is the third race in the Maine Time Trial Series. The race is held in Freeport. The course is an 18 mile loop that features straight rolling sections, narrow roads and short steep climbs. Temperatures were in the 50s and conditions were dry for the first time in recent memory. About 80 riders start the race. This is the third race for Frame and Wheel on an Austro-Daimler tt Carbon. Frame and Wheel sets off at 8:10 am. Route 1 is rough in sections, but traffic is light so there is room to avoid the obstacles. False flats are the feature here. Frame and Wheel concentrates on gearing, position and maintaing speed on the uphills and through the corners. The road is resurfaced on the back stretch. This makes a huge difference as in previous years this section of road is capable of shaking loose handlebars. Frame and Wheel loses speed on the last turn on to the very rough and uphill section into the finish line. The drool is flying and the legs protest but the finish is just up the road. The race is over. Frame and Wheel’s time of 40:03 (2011: 40:12) is fast enough to win the day, but well off of the sub forty times routinely posted by Tim Mitchell (CB Racing ) and Dean Philips (Fit Werx). Regardless, Frame and Wheel is very pleased with the result. Frame and Wheel  congratulates everyone who turned up to race and thanks LL Bean and the organizers for putting on a great time trial.
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