The Internet of Bikes: Cyclemania / Portland Velo Club Time Trial (Maine Time Trial Series Race #4)

The Cyclemania Portland Velo Club Time Trial is race number four of the Maine Time Trial Series. The race is held in Cap Elizabeth, Maine. The course is a 13 mile short loop within a long loop that features long straight flat sections, long grinding climbs, short steep climbs and some winding roads. Frame and Wheel is racing the Austro-Daimler tt Carbon Champagne. The bike is built up with Shimano 7900 group set  (55T/42 chain ring) Zipp 808/Disc 900 wheels, Stages Power meter and 3T Brezza II bars.  The bike is running very well. Temperatures are in the high 60s. Conditions are dry and calm and clear. About 65 riders start the race. Frame and Wheel mentally reviews navigation once again: take the first right the first time around. Take the second right the second time around. When concentrating on making a sustained maximum effort, it is easy to get confused about theses turns. Frame and Wheel sets off at 8 am and gets up to speed. There is a light headwind. Frame and Wheel’s 30 second man is far up the road, but in sight because the road is straight for a mile. Frame and Wheel makes the correct turn and dives into the winding section that is characterized by rough roads and a false flat. Traffic is light. Frame and Wheel keeps up the momentum. Frame and Wheel catches the first 30 second man on the following straight away and is moving well. Frame and Wheel catches the next 30 second man soon after. The gradual climbs are becoming very hard. Frame and Wheel correctly makes the next right and pushes on towards the two short but steeper climbs. Frame and Wheel keeps a steady pace but is feeling the effort. There are about three miles to go. Frame and Wheel recovers on the final descent and is ready for the final push up the last gradual climb before the finish. This climb lasts for ever and sucks up speed. The turn to the finish is in sight. Frame and Wheel crosses the line with a time of 28:37 (2012: 29:19) which is the fastest time of the day and a new course record. Frame and Wheel is very pleased with the result. Frame and Wheel congratulates all the riders on their results and thanks the organizer for arranging a well run and challenging event.

Turning right
To the finish
Maybe its the hair

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