The Internet of Bikes: 2014 Hunter-Green Classic Summer Road Race

The Hunter-Greene Summer Classic road race is a 110 mile road race outside of Windham, New York. It is a 33 mile circuit repeated three times that features some sharp climbs, long straight sections and high summer conditions. I joined Troy Barry, Eliot Pitney, Matt Moon and Dan Vallaincourt of Downeast Racing for the event. Some thirty riders started. Conditions were calm and dry with temperatures in the 70s. The main feature of the race was the early break by Eliot Pitney and one other rider that gained a five minute lead and that held out for the entire race. It was a classic demonstration of panache, group psychology and team tactics. The field did plenty of active riding on the straight sections, interspersed with periods of very slow riding, but never organized a sustained chase. We sat in and watched the chase teams burn up the matches. The power and resolve gradually faded from the field and ensured that the break was away for good. The final push up the climbs thinned out the field a bit and I was able to finish third in the field sprint and eighth overall. It was a great result for me, an epic win for Eliot and a fine demonstration of tactics and strength for Downeast Racing. It was also the last race on my Superleicht Carbon Di2. I raced this bike for two years and had many hours of training and racing on it. There was never a problem and it held up through some very tough conditions. This was a fine event to mark its entry into retirement. This bike is replaced by the Superleicht Carbon Limited. This is the same frame set, but with different features (BB30, dual mechanical / electronic shifting and down tube logo), and an 11-speed drive train and a power meter. It is a fine bike and I am looking forward to the rest of the season racing and training on it.

Ready for its last race

Downeast Racing Team post race image

Packing up for the drive home
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