The Internet of Bikes: 2013 Western Maine Androscoggin time trial (Race 6 of the Maine Time Trial Series)

The Western Maine Androscoggin time trial is race number six of the Maine Time Trial Series. The race is held in Bethel, Maine. The course is a 19.5 mile out and back route that runs along the Androscoggin River. It features open road and long sight lines on Route 2, rolling terrain and beautiful scenery. Frame and Wheel is racing the Austro-Daimler tt Carbon Champagne. The bike is built up with Shimano 7900 group set  (55T/42 chain ring) Zipp 808/Disc 900 wheels, Stages Power meter and 3T Brezza II bars. The bike is running very well. Temperatures are in the mid 60s at the start. Conditions are dry and calm. About 40 riders start the race. Frame and Wheel sets off and gets up to speed. The road is smooth and open and for while there are no riders in sight. Frame and Wheel arrives on the long flat straight away and sustains a big gear through it. This is hard work, but it helps Frame and Wheel get to and pass the one minute man. Other riders are now in view and Frame and Wheel concentrates on catching and passing them too.  This provides much needed distraction from the open and long sight lines of the course. Frame and Wheel crosses the Androscoggin River and is now inbound. The road is rough, there are shadows on the road and there are hills. Frame and Wheel loses momentum on the first big roller. The downhill sections are rough and Frame and Wheel must concentrate on finding the best line. The final few kilometers are flat and Frame and Wheel is able to maintain great momentum. The finish is fast. The race is over. Frame and Wheel completes the course in 40:37 which is fast enough to win. Frame and Wheel thanks the organizers for putting on a new, challenging and well-run race and looks forward to returning to the area for more great cycling. 
The view from outside Bethel, Maine
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