Fred Thomas, President and founder of A-D Bikes, writes the A-D Bikes Blog. When time allows, Fred will post musings and images about races, training, travels and products. The A-D Blog is also a fine place to find out more about what the company is doing and planning.

USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships

Many thanks to all who stopped by the booth at the USA Cycling Cyclocross national Championships in Hartford, Connecticut. The contrast in temperature between Thailand and Connecticut could not be more extreme, but it was still a great pleasure to be at [..] Continue Reading

A-D Bikes in Thailand

A-D Bikes is returning to Thailand for some riding and marketing. Thailand is a large and growing market and we are pleased to be here. I will be at the Sky Lane and visiting Kao Yai for something a bit more mountainous. [..] Continue Reading

Thank you for a great Holiday weekend!

Thank you for making Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Sunday and Cyber Monday a great success!  Don’t forget to ask about the A-D Bikes Conversion Program! Sell your old gear through Frame and Wheel and use the proceeds as [..] Continue Reading

A-D Bikes at Interbike 2016

A-D Bikes has a presence at Interbike 2016 courtesy of Austrian Wheel manufacturer Xentis Composite (Booth number 13152). My tut Carbon Limited is seen here set up with the XeNTiS Mark 2 TT Disc and front wheels. These are fast wheels [..] Continue Reading

Grey County Time Trial and Road Race

I returned to Grey County, Ontario to race at the Grey County Time Trial and the Grey County Road Race. These are great events that feature lots of climbing, keen Canadian competition and some beautiful scenery and they were organized by my [..] Continue Reading

The Discount Airlining of the bicycle industry

The new A-D Bikes website is finally up. It took almost two years to build. I found that every time I mentioned launching the site, something would come up to cause a delay. I stopped discussing it. New websites are very much one of [..] Continue Reading

Richmond 2015!

If you think Denmark 2015 was a spectacle, just wait until you see Richmond 2015. The World Cup of Cycling is being held in the United States for the first time in thirty years and A-D Bikes will be there! [..] Continue Reading