Grey County Time Trial and Road Race

I returned to Grey County, Ontario to race at the Grey County Time Trial and the Grey County Road Race. These are great events that feature lots of climbing, keen Canadian competition and some beautiful scenery and they were organized by my old friend, Bruce Bird. The events are also UCI Gran Fondo World Series qualifier events which means that you can attend the final in Perth, Australia if you are really up for it. This is something I am mulling over now as I placed second in the time trial and won the road race (we are talking 44-49 age group).

The time trial was almost more of a hill climb as it was essentially uphill for 12 miles and then almost non stop descent for eight. The last two miles had a climb that kicked up 10 percent at the end. It slowed everyone down. I managed to get up it pretty quick, and passed a few riders there, but recovery took a while and that is when David Gazsi pounced. He created and kept a 30 second gap. I am nevertheless pleased with the result. Fast as I could go and I made it through some potentially hot corners and rough roads.

The road race was much harder than last year. It went 85 miles and produced 7,000 feet of climbing. It was also much warmer and although the field was smaller, there were many fast riders. They key moment was the second trip up Scenic Caves Road at mile 60 when where the winning break formed. I was able to catch on but it was very hard work. This was where I won my category.

Cananda has some great cycling and racing and it is a great new market for A-D. Indeed, Hans Whitefield of Ottawa, joined us at the time trial. He was the only other guy there on a tt Carbon Limited. Between Hans, Steve Fleck (the announcer) and the Champagne A-D Bikes banners printed up by Toronto Digital Printing, A-D Bikes attracted some attention. It was great fun and I am looking forward to doing it again.

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