Frame and Wheel in Andover, Massachusetts

Frame and Wheel continues to make the postings of greater interest to potential followers. The top image hangs on the wall in New York and is a Jim Goodwin original. It was taken in April 1985 and it is from a category “B” circuit race in Andover, Massachusetts. Frame and Wheel remembers that the climb was difficult; it was a feature of the course as well as a sharpl left hand turn at the bottom of a long descent. John and George are right behind Frame and Wheel. The rider on the right has something in his sock; he is riding a CIOCC and he was very strong. This image is towards the top of the climb.  It was cold and Frame and Wheel remembers borrowing the turtle neck. 
The Austro-Daimler has two handlebar tapes of different colors wrapped into one to create the tiger stripe look. Frame and Wheel is wearing Detto shoes with no sock, perhaps because the category “A” riders didn’t wear socks. Frame and Wheel cannot remember if the wheels were the original tubulars, but it looks like they might be. Frame and Wheel might have finished third in this race. The rider with the large black helmet to the right of Frame and Wheel’s shoulder is Anselm, an old classmate. Frame and Wheel believes that Anslem won this race.
This is an image of the Austro-Daimler Superliecht from the summer of 1986. The bike still has Campagnolo Record pedals, but it looks like it has the Modolo brakes on it. The wheels are perhaps the MA 32s.
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