Champagne on Ice with FOS 32 mm alloy clinchers

About two weeks ago, I thought the cold weather was on the way out. The temperatures were in the 40s and I was able to get away for a long but very slow ride down to the Biddeford Pool area. That seems like a distant memory: temperatures have been really low since then and I have not been able to ride much out doors since. One feature of that ride was that I tested a new pair of FOS 32 alloy clinchers on my Austro-Daimler Superleicht Carbon. FOS is a new brand out of Italy and I have been helping them test their various models. I do not know much about wheels but I have been pleased with the alloy offering so far: 11-speed compatible Shimano free hub body, 32 mm rim depth, aero steel spokes with external nipples, 19 mm rim width, 24 (R) / 20 (F) spoke count, light weight…I run Continental Gatorskin 700 x 25 and it makes for a smooth ride. I plan to bring these wheels and a pair of FOS 38 tubulars to Asheville, North Carolina for training camp.  Hopefully, it will be warmer there: I am very much enjoying Battlestar Galactica Redux, but it will be nice to get out on the road.
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