The Discount Airlining of the bicycle industry

The new A-D Bikes website is finally up. It took almost two years to build. I found that every time I mentioned launching the site, something would come up to cause a delay. I stopped discussing it. New websites are very much one of those things that get harder the closer they get to completion (bike races is another one of those things).

New websites are also one of those things that have sell-by dates, like a jar of jam. Thus when I set about updating the existing site, which was built by me using third party providers, and way past its sell-by date, I decided that I would have to create a site that would allow customers to obtain everything from a sticker to a complete bike. This kind of e-commerce functionality is well beyond the offerings of standard third parties and one of the reasons it took so long to complete. Of course, I didn’t build it: I had real experts do it.

The result is this. You can can order an A-D frame set from anywhere in the world. You can also order one of three component group configurations (good, better, best) and have the whole thing sent to you so that you or your favorite bike shop can do the build. Call it B.Y.O.B (Build Your Own Bike). Call it the Discount Airlining of the bicycle industry. Call it twenty-first century performance bike retailing. However it is described, it is something that many A-D customers have been doing because it creates value and satisfaction.

Many thanks to all the customers, suppliers and experts who have helped me get the company to where it is today. There is so much more exciting stuff on the horizon. Be the First!

Fred Thomas, President A-D Bikes

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