A-D Bikes sets up racing team for 2015 season

Prouts Neck, ME 2014
Andover, MA 1986

A-D returns to the peloton

I am pleased to say that I have finally set up a USA Cycling Club. The name of this club is A-D Racing and so far I am its only member. This news is a manifestation of the part of the A-D Bikes restoration story that had me day dreaming in science class about obtaining an Austro-Daimler jersey and racing on the Austro-Daimler racing team that at the time included Andrew Weaver, Doug Dale Doug Shapiro and Steve Pyle among others. It is also the fulfillment of a recent desire to wear the fine Verge Sport A-D kit I had made last year and to race in that kit on my Superleicht Carbon Limited and tt Carbon Limited. I never would have guessed this were possible just a few years ago, but here we are. I finally made the team.
Already there are enquires to join the club and race for the team. Thank you for that and all are welcome. The only requirement I can think of at this point is that you ride an A-D (road, cross or time trial) and wear the kit. Pretty simple. I will be opening up the A-D Bikes Store on the Verge Sports website soon and anyone interested in obtaining the kit can order it there. I expect to execute the order in March sometime. Turnaround is very fast and the gear is very nice. You will find yourself wearing it around the house. You are also able to obtain an A-D frame set through the A-D Bikes Shopify Store at anytime. Please sign up for the A-D Bikes newsletter so that you are informed of promotions and other news. Any questions, please let me know. Be the First!
Even I could not spell it…hence A-D Bikes (Hey, Thomas. Pay attention!)



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