2018 road season underway

The Instagram feed is beginning to fill with images of packed bike bags, exotic locations and launch events. It can only mean that the 2018 road season is getting under way. Indeed, some A-D riders in warmer locations (Patton Sims – Louisiana) have already started racing and some are just taking a break from cyclocross before they pull out their road bikes (David Greif – Arizona). The rest of us are either reaching new levels of expertise with Zwift, riding the Fat Bike on the snow mobile trails or sticking to the trainer routine. One of the features at A-D Bikes for 2018 is the launch of two variations on the Superleicht Carbon Limited, both in the original Burgundy finish. Another feature is A-D Racing will be returning to the regional road races, time trials, hill climbs and criteriums and the nationals. The 2018 season may seem far away, but in fact it is right around the corner: the most obvious indicator of that is the song birds are back and they are chirping and singing and in their own way, telling us to start riding. See you out there!

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