2014 Downeast Racing Asheville Training Camp: warm up day

Asheville, North Carolina is a fine spot for early spring training. The terrain features many miles of climbing, smooth roads and temperatures that are warmer than New England. It is a 1,000 mile drive to Asheville from Maine; it is not too bad if you have two other drivers with you: I was fortunate to have Hank Pfeifle and Joe Lynch as copilots: old friends and members of the Downeast Racing Team.
We set off on Friday at 11am and arrived in Asheville at 12pm. We spent the night somewhere in Pennsylvania at a Super 8 Motel that was frighteningly similar to what you would expect from a crime thriller. The rest ensured that we were ready to ride upon arrival in Asheville. We fit in a 50 mile ride up to Tanbark Ridge before checking into a very comfortable rental on Town Moutnain Road. This was to be headquarters for the next seven days.

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