2014 Downeast Racing Asheville Training Camp Day 1

Stuart Abramson and Mike Claus drove down ahead of us, completing the drive without stopping. Both Mike and Stuart are known for their driving focus thus this feat was not a surprise. Mike personified exhaustion on Sunday evening: he drove some eight hours straight Friday without sleep and rode 90 miles on Saturday. Sunday was our first full day. This route brought us to the southeast and out to Marion. I had no idea where I was exactly, and relied as we all did on Mike’s interpretation of the Garmin GPS. The scenery was very nice and some sections quite flat. To my surprise, we rode through Cane Creek, North Carolina, the namesake and location for Cane Creel Cycling Components, which is the supplier of head sets for A-D Bikes (later in the week I had a fine Bike Talk and tour of the facility with Peter Gilbert).  We had a very nice climb on the Old Blue Ridge Parkway: it was a stark reminder of how difficult travel was early in the 20th century. There were plenty of references to the movie / book Cold Mountain. The temperatures were in the sixties and the weather calm. 

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