Yearly Archives: 2011

Outside the Bike: the frame set as a cell phone

Demand for cycling is inelastic Frame and Wheel reads that demand for bicycles and bicycle equipment remains relatively strong despite tough economic conditions and speculates that this is because for many people, riding a bicycle for health, competition or transportation [..] Continue Reading

Vittoria Tires exposed to floods in Thailand

Frame and Wheel reads with great interest about the flooding in Thailand. The flood waters are apparently on their way towards Bangkok after having flooded already much of the land in the northeast. The authorities are scrambling to clear the [..] Continue Reading

Frame and Wheel rode to the soccer tournaments on Sunday. Temperatures were in the 80s. It felt like mid June, but the air was cool and the shadows were long, a subtle reminder that winter is on its way. The [..] Continue Reading

Frame and Wheel will migrate the Internet of Bikes to its own page on the website sometime soon. Once that is done, all the rides will be automatically uploaded to that page. This will save a lot of time. Frame [..] Continue Reading