Yearly Archives: 2010

Comparative geometry analysis

Frame and Wheel knows that the month of November is the best time to talk to independent bike store owners: the weather is cooler, customers are slipping into hibernation and new inventory for 2011 has not yet arrived. IBS owners [..] Continue Reading

The business plan: commitment, timing

Frame and Wheel is committed to developing a business model that, using the principles of frugal innovation, combines the convenience, selection and price of the Internet with the community, support and service of the independent or local bike shop, Fortunately, Frame and [..] Continue Reading

Safety testing on MCR-01 frame

Frame and Wheel obtained safety certification information about the MCR-01 frame from More Choice. This is good news because Frame and Wheel needs this information to obtain insurance. Any bicycle or frame sold into the United States or Europe must [..] Continue Reading

The business plan: resources and knowledge

Frame and Wheel has learned that consumers and independent bicycle stores want help selling their old bicycle gear and bikes on eBay.  Consequently, Frame and Wheel has learned a lot about eBay and the details and complexities of shipping items by UPS [..] Continue Reading

Frame and Wheel logos: consumer comments

Frame and Wheel is advised that every company needs an identity and that a logo is the best way to establish this. Frame and Wheel retained Dave Putt of Dave Putt Design to originate a logo for the company. Frame [..] Continue Reading

The business plan: what is the service

Through Frame and Wheel Services, Frame and Wheel provides eBay selling services for individual cyclists and independent bicycle stores in the Greater Portland, Maine area. The company handles all aspects of the listing for the client. This includes: cleaning the [..] Continue Reading

The business plan: what is the product

Frame and Wheels imports carbon fiber road frames from China and distributes them under the Austro-Daimler trademark in the United States and internationally. The company distributes the frames to independent bicycle stores using an agency model and uses the Internet [..] Continue Reading

The business plan: is there a product or service

Frame and Wheel notes that the five transactions through Frame and Wheel Services demonstrates that there is demand for ebay selling services that target cyclists. Clients observe that they don’t like the hassle of setting up an eBay account, obtaining [..] Continue Reading