Yearly Archives: 2010

Matching supply with demand

Frame and Wheel has mentioned the idea of using eBay as a channel for selling framesets. Some believe that this would undermine the value of the brand given that eBay suggests used products. This is a fair observation, and Frame [..] Continue Reading

Frame and Wheel in Andover, Massachusetts

Frame and Wheel continues to make the postings of greater interest to potential followers. The top image hangs on the wall in New York and is a Jim Goodwin original. It was taken in April 1985 and it is from [..] Continue Reading

An old map

Frame and Wheel found in the attic an old map of the routes ridden during a four year stay in Boulder, Colorado in the late 80s early 90s. Frame and Wheel did obtain higher education during this four year time [..] Continue Reading

The business plan: Break even analysis

Frame and Wheel must continue on with the complex posts. The exercise below is a break even analysis for the company in the first year and is more or less consistent with the income statement in the previous post. These [..] Continue Reading

The business plan: the financial forecasts

Frame and Wheel read the story in the New York Times about the college graduates who make their own jobs. It is inspiring stuff and the importance of being frugal resonates with Frame and Wheel, who is now at the part [..] Continue Reading

Discounting of framesets

Frame and Wheel read a briefing about Ford Motor company in The Economist Magazine that pointed out a number of reasons for that company’s recovery from financial disaster just two years ago. A lot of it was a change of [..] Continue Reading

The business plan: IBS cost analysis

The independent bicycle store (IBS) purchases the frameset from the bike brand for $1,500 per frame. This is the variable cost of the IBS. Fixed costs for the IBS include payroll expenses, overhead and administration. Additionally, the IBS might have [..] Continue Reading

The business plan: bike brand cost analysis

The bike brand purchases the frame set from the factory for $500 per frameset. This is the bike brand’s variable cost. The bike brand’s fixed costs include marketing expenses, research and development expenses, staff and overhead. Marketing expenses are the [..] Continue Reading