We can build your A-D any way you would like and below provide a summary of how the bikes can turn out. If there is some variation on Good, Better, Best that you would like, just reach out to us and we will work up a specification sheet and an estimate. Old fashion, but effective.

The Superleicht Carbon Limited is an excellent choice for the enthusiast who seeks something strong, light and stable. Built up with Shimano Ultegra Di2 and Alto Cycling CC40s, the Superleicht becomes a fast and durable bike that will inspire regular riding.  The distinctive Champagne finish channels the Spirit of the Original and provides a subtle hi-vis touch.

The Ultima Carbon Limited suits the dedicated competitor who seeks something aero, stiff and responsive. Built up with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 and XeNTiS Squad 2.5s, the Ultima is a fast and light bike ready for a full calendar of competition. The Thondorf Purple finish is an exact recreation of the original and oozes 80s cool.

The tt Carbon Limited is perfect for the competitor who needs a simple and fast time trial bike. Built up with Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 and XeNTiS Mark 2 TT wheels, the tt Carbon will help stop the clock in record time at the local time trial and on the national and world stage. The Champagne finish lights up the start house.

The Ubercross Carbon Disc Limited is a great solution for the regular cyclocross competitor and the road rider who wants to expand routes to include gravel roads. Built up with SRAM Force 1 and XeNTiS Squad 4.2 wheels, the Ubercross is a light and sturdy cyclocross bike that will broaden your horizons and put a smile on your face.